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【靜思書籍】The Loss of the Golden Feathers—Master Cheng Yen Tells Stories 2 / 《金毛不見了—證嚴上人說故事 2 》中英對照

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【靜思書籍】The Loss of the Golden Feathers—Master Cheng Yen Tells Stories 2 / 《金毛不見了—證嚴上人說故事 2 》中英對照 Ratings: 0 - 0 votes



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Master Cheng Yen teaches people to live a righteous and responsible life, and take Dharma to heart. Children’s minds are the most innocent and intelligent. Through simple text and colorful illustrations, basic values are passed down to the next generation. With easy-to-understand bilingual text (Traditional Chinese with pinyin and English), this book helps non-Chinese readers to learn Chinese and Chinese readers to learn English. 

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〈貪心失金毛〉講述母女四人過著非常困苦的生活,一隻全身長滿金黃色羽毛的鵝來到她們面前:「妳們可以拔我身上的羽毛去賣錢。」母女趕快拔了牠幾根羽毛,賣得不少錢。有一天, 婦人說:「這隻金鵝要是哪一天突然不來了,我們怎麼辦?我們把牠全身的羽毛都拔光吧!」金鵝會失去牠所有的羽毛嗎?

The Loss of the Golden Feathers is the third title of the children’s book series: Master Cheng Yen Tells Stories. This book contains a collection of three stories: “The Woman and the Wolfhound,” “The Greedy Couple,” and “The Loss of the Golden Feathers.” Each of these stories is brought to life through colorful illustrations and it teaches children wholesome values based on the Master’s teachings: Resist temptation that arises from our greediness, and treat living beings with compassion. 

“The Loss of the Golden Feathers” is a story about a woman and her three daughters led a very tough life. A goose covered in golden feathers came before them,“You can pluck some of my feathers and sell them.” They pulled out a few of his feathers and made lots of money. One day, the woman said, “What if this golden goose stopped coming? How would we get by? Let’s pluck out all his feathers.”Would the goose lose all his feathers?


作者:釋證嚴 Shih Cheng Yen

譯者:Tzu Chi USA Editorial Team

繪者:林倩如 Winni Lin

語言:繁體中文 / 英文


出版日期:2014 年 12 月



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