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order & pick _英文


Q.什麼是「ORDER & PICK」?

A:線上下單 門市取貨!只要在官網 https://www.jingsibooksncafe.com )下單,選擇檳城靜思書軒總店門市取貨。

Q: What is "ORDER & PICK"?

A: It is an online ordering service with in-store pick-up. Simply place your order on the official website (https://www.jingsibooksncafe.com) and choose to pick up at the Jing Si Books & Cafe main store in Penang.




Q: Why can I only pick up my order at the Jing Si Books & Cafe main store in Penang?

A: Currently, we only offer in-store pick-up at our main store location. We apologize for any inconvenience.



A:選擇 ORDER & PICK「門市取貨」,皆享免運費。

Q: Do I need to pay for shipping?

A: If you choose "in-store pick-up" with ORDER & PICK, there is no shipping fee.



A:配送最快3天內取貨不包括 Pre-order 產品,實際取貨時間依門市現場或物流狀況為主。


Q: After placing an order for in-store pick-up, how long does it take to receive my items?

A: Items can be picked up within 3 days (excluding Pre-order items), and actual pick-up time depends on store availability and logistics. Please pick up your items within the designated pick-up period after receiving notification.


Q.為何商品在門市有貨,但我不能選擇【ORDER & PICK】門市取貨?


Q: Why can't I choose the "ORDER & PICK" in-store pick-up option for an item that is in stock at the store?

A: If the item is not available for online ordering, it may be due to limited stock or inventory. We apologize for any inconvenience.


Q.如訂單內含有Pre Order 商品怎麼辦?


Q: What should I do if my order includes Pre-order items?

A: Pre-order items cannot be picked up on the specified date. Our Eshop team will contact customers to arrange a new pick-up time.


Q:要怎樣使用Order & Pick?

A:您只需要在Checkout 點選Self Pickup, 選擇自取時間,本人自取或者他人代領取。

Q: How do I use Order & Pick?

A: Simply select "Self Pickup" during checkout, choose a pick-up time, and indicate whether you will be picking up the items yourself or someone else will be picking them up on your behalf.



A:請準備訂單確認invoice email / 您只要出示手機畫面即可,不必列印成紙本。

Q: What should I provide as proof or documentation when picking up my items?

A: Please provide the order confirmation invoice email, or simply show the order details on your mobile device without the need to print a paper copy.


Q.我能夠取消 "官網下單門市取貨" 的訂單嗎?


(Mon-Fri:9am-5pm) / (Sat-Sun off - 可以留言 )

Q: Can I cancel my "ORDER & PICK" in-store pick-up order?

A: Please contact customer service to cancel your order. Customer service is available from Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm, and you can leave a message on weekends.

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